Friday, April 30, 2021

Win $10 in just a few minutes League of Legends Gift Card

 Win $10 in just a few minutes League of Legends Gift Card -  
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With a League of Legends Gift Card you can top up your Riot Games LoL account with R Visit official website iot Points worth $10 in just a few minutes. The LoL Gift Card code will be instantly delivered by email. Once redeemed, Riot Points never expire and can be used to buy champion packs or skins. Make an impression with the unique appearance of your champions and win your battles in style!

Choose a design for your card

Make your gift card more personal with one of our free gift card designs that fit every occasion! Just add a personal message and you have the perfectly printable gift card in just a few seconds!

Card League of Legends Game Card with a nominal value of 10 Dollars - 1380 RP for Absolutely any servers.
The most convenient and safe way to buy Riot Points. You do not need to provide login and password from your account.

Buying League of Legends Game Card from us, you get a number of advantages:
1. Instant depositing - payment League of Legends Game Card you will instantly receive a code which you can immediately use;
2. You can use League of Legends Game Card as you want for example you can pass, sell, give to friends, acquaintances;

Please do not rush us to put a negative feedback. We are always in touch (email, skype) .To answer all Your questions in 10-15 minutes.

Additional information

Here are some easy steps to follow to get you in the action with redeeming your League of Legends game card.

Open the League of Legends application from the icon on your computer’s desktop.
Launch the game, and sign into your League of Legends (LoL) account. Once complete, click the treasure chest icon to go to the Store.
On the left side of the screen, click ‘Purchase RP’
You will see several options for adding funds to your account. Click the ‘Prepaid cards’ option.
A space will appear for you to enter your code from GameCardDelivery.
Congratulations! Your account will update to show the points you’ve added to your account to spend on new champions, content, and additions!

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League of Legends Gift Card